Real Life Heroes Rescue Animals with Daring Acts of Compassion

This compilation video of clips from around the world shows compassionate people who have gone out of their way to rescue animals from life threatening situations. These daring human heroes rescue both domestic animals and wild animals even though in many cases, the rescue attempt itself is dangerous. These are the real life heroes who […]

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A squire and a goat ride a giant snail in this fairy tale book illustration by Julian de Narvaez

Antiquated Illustrations of Fairy Tales and Fantasy by Julian de Narvaez

Hailing from Colombia, South America, Julian de Narvaez is an artist with an antiquated illustration style. Resembling the woodcuts that were used to illustrate children’s books in days of yore, Julian’s art works capture the essence of both a world from the past and a world that exists only in fairy tales and the artist’s […]

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A koala bear poses with a woman in lingerie in this risque watercolor painting by Lora Zombie

Watercolor Grunge and Cheerful Anarchy by Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is a self-taught artist from Russia who works chiefly in watercolor paint and pencil. Her paintings are colorful and fun with an essence of punk and grunge. Her paintings depict a carefree existence in which her characters live without compromise and without sweating the small stuff. Her cheerful paintings have earned her quite […]

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A gun shoots origami birds into the air in this powerful illustration by Nanami Cowdroy

East meets West in Nanami Cowdroy’s Eurasian Illustrations

Nanami Cowdroy is an Australian artist with both Japanese and European ancestors. Her mixed heritage has influenced her art style dramatically, and elements of both cultures are apparent in her choice of subject matter and her artistic style. Cowdroy’s illustrations are hand-drawn and painted in black ink on white card and finished with a bright […]

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Street artist Hopare at work on one of his colorful graphic design influenced graffiti murals of a pretty girl

Jaw-dropping Street Art Murals by French Graffiti Artist “Hopare”

“Hopare” is Alexandre Monteiro, a graffiti artist and painter from France. Hopare’s work is extraordinary; he creates emotive movement in his art works by including abstract shapes and fluid lines to create a sense that color is exploding out from the painting or moving from one point to another within the design. His use of line […]

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