Marcel Witte paints a surrealist flying fish on a leash

Watch Dutch Artist Marcel Witte take a Fish for a Walk

Marcel Witte is a photorealistic painter from the Netherlands who paints surrealist and photorealistic images of animals. Some of his paintings are simply beautiful portraits, but others have a single human element added to the scene that personifies the animals and gives them character. Witte has this to say about his paintings; “In my artwork, […]

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Watch Edgar the Toy Robot go into Space

James Trosh makes a music video in space by strapping a toy robot called Edgar to a weather balloon and then sending it into space. Edgar reached a height of over 95,000 feet (around 30,000 metres) before the pressure burst the weather balloon and Edgar was sent plummeting to Earth in a dizzy free-fall. Edgar and […]

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Japanese artist One Nao creates a beautiful Arabian belly dancer in this pin-up girl design

Perky Pop Art Pin-up Girls by Oneq Nao

Oneq Nao is a Japanese artist who combines American and Japanese visual styles to create luscious ladies with full lips, curvy hips and an exaggeratedly feminine appeal. There is an element of art nouveau in Oneq’s art works. It reminds one of the popular posters that were created to advertise absinthe in the early 20th […]

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Chuang Saive table-tennis match

The Most Humorous Table-Tennis Match EVER

This hilariously creative table tennis match between Chuang Chih-Yuan and Jean-Michel Saive shows two athletes at the top of their game having a good time. Instead of taking the game seriously, the two fully grown men decide instead to mess about like two unruly boys having a bit of a laugh together. The most appealing part […]

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Real Life First Person Shooter Game

This parody of a first person shooter game was created with a gopro and a few gamers-turned-actors. Freddie W and his team mates from RocketJump used a GoPro to shoot the footage and Adobe After Effects to create the visual effects of splattered blood, fire and points awarded for each kill.

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World’s 10 Humans with Real Superpowers

Not all superhumans exist between the pages of a comic book… Some of them walk among us. This video, created by Hybrid Librarian for Youtube, shows 10 people who have real superpowers. Some of these people were born with unusual talents which they have worked on, but others had to train both their body and mind […]

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Slow Motion Video of Snowflakes being Born

Physicist Ken Libbrecht has done something pretty incredible – he’s found a way to create snowflakes in his lab. Using  a microscope, Libbrecht was able to take macro photographs of his snowflakes that reveal the intricate beauty of the tiny ice crystals. Each snowflake resembles a six-sided flower and is symmetrical (each half mirrors the other […]

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