Vampire horror bunny must havee gotten hungry just before Halloween in this creepy but cute illustration by Bill Carman

Spooky but Sweet Illustrations by Bill Carman

Bill Carman is an American artist who was apparently born with a banana shaped head. Whether or not this fact added to his artistic talents remains to be seen, but regardless, he’s one talented guy. He’s worked in publishing houses, at Ford Aerospace and he’s even spent time at LucasArts Entertainment. Carman’s illustrations are unlike those […]

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Watch This and You’ll Want to Play on Monkey Bars

Calisthenics and parkour athlete Keith Horan shows off some of his stunts on a set of bars in a park in New York City. His lithe, fluid movements and skill are inspiring, guaranteeing that if you’re into calisthenics or parkour; watching this guy for a few minutes will leave you itching for some exercise of […]

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OMG!! Giant Mutant Spider Dog!!

Comedian SA Wardega brings us this hilarious practical joke video in which he’s dressed his dog up in a giant spider suit. He sets up scenes in real life, in which unsuspecting members of the public find themselves face to face with a giant mutant spider dog. Their reactions are priceless – they’re the kind […]

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A clever hiker holds onto a guide rope while he navigates a skull shaped maze in this illustration by Jessica Fortner

Mesmeric Illustrations by Jessica Fortner

Canadian artist Jessica Fortner works in both traditional and digital media, though even when working in traditional media, there are elements in her designs that appear to only be possible with the help of a computer arts program such as Photoshop. She pays such careful attention to form and detail that it seems almost unlikely […]

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The Ultimate “Only in Russia” Video Compilation has put together the best videos from Russia, taken from videos uploaded online to sites like Youtube. As the narrator says in the introduction, “Ever since the invention of dashboard cameras, the Russians have been catching up to the Japanese for the amount of hilarious sh*t on the internet.” The compilation video that follows merely […]

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Alice from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland doesn't seem quite so chaste and innocent in this illustration by Irureta

Spanish Artist gives a Dark Twist to Fairy Tales

As the Grimm brothers proved with their dark fairy tales; not all children’s stories have to be filled with happy little characters frolicking in their happy little worlds. Spanish artist Beñat Olea Irureta has now added his own twist to classic fairy tales and childrens’ book characters with his gothic fantasy illustrations. While some of the […]

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Funny Guy Narrates Strangers' Lives in Public

Funny Guy Narrates Strangers’ Lives in Public

Prankster Thomas Sanders creates hilarious vines by walking up to perfect strangers and narrating a fictional story about what’s going on in their life at that moment. His brilliant story-telling voice, along with the obscure and humorous story line that he creates results in a light-hearted prank that’s bound to get a chuckle out of you. […]

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