Surfing’s got this Little Guy’s “Seal” of Approval

Two friends, Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders, were surfing off Amble, Northumberland, when a young seal joined in for some surfing fun. The seal approached them by nudging their ankles before attempting to climb onto their surfboards. According to a spokesman for a nearby seal sanctuary, the seals often sit on surfboards provided for them by […]

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Incredible Artist Creates a Japanese Dragon with a Handful of Brushstrokes

Japanese painter Kousyuuya employs a variety of brilliant brushwork techniques to create a painting of a Japanese dragon. Even though the majority of the dragon is made with only one color, Kousyuuya’s brushwork techniques create depth and texture for the character. Kousyuuya employs his paint brushes in such a way that he can create contrasting shades with one […]

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Magic and wonder frolic together in this beautiful street art painting by Mart Aire

Cities become Story Books with Mart Aire’s Illustrative Street Art

Argentinian street artist Mart Aire uses a fun-loving illustrative style to create his street art murals. People on bicycles float through dreamy landscapes surrounded by fish, musical instruments and cheerful suns. Aire’s art style is abstract and resembles children’s book illustrations. The feelings that his paintings portray are cheerful ones that inspire a sense of […]

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Watch the Funny Aug(de)mented Reality of Hombre McSteez

Hombre Mcsteez uses transparent animation cels to add his quirky and humorous animated characters into real world situations. His little monsters and cute creatures interact with the environment that is seen behind them, through the transparent cel. Mcsteez uses a method of animation known as stop frame or stop motion animation. The way that he’s […]

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A boy eating crayons draws an imaginative scenario around himself in this surreal illustration by James Jean

Tripping on Talent: The Psychedelic Art of James Jean

James Jean is a Taiwanese American artist who produces art both commercially and for gallery exhibitions. His psychedelic scenes have been featured on the covers of DC comics and on album covers for Atlantic Records. He’s also worked with the famous clothing design company Prada as well as Rolling Stone magazine and Playboy magazine. Jean’s […]

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