Watch a Photoshop Artist Turn a Couple of Photos into an Epic Scene

South African Photoshop artist and photographer Andrew McGibbon shows us how he created this promo image for the SA band JORDI. Starting with photos of the band members, taken in a parking lot, McGibbon then takes these images and combines them with pieces of other photographs to create an epic, stormy scene in which the […]

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Gladiator Football – The Most Hardcore Ball Game in the World

Every year in Florence, Italy, men from different neighbourhoods gather in teams to defend their honor, their pride and their masculinity with three days of Florence football, also known as Calcio Storico (historical football). These men have trained hard, and have been toughened by years of playing the violent game. There are no rules. Players […]

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Vampire horror bunny must havee gotten hungry just before Halloween in this creepy but cute illustration by Bill Carman

Spooky but Sweet Illustrations by Bill Carman

Bill Carman is an American artist who was apparently born with a banana shaped head. Whether or not this fact added to his artistic talents remains to be seen, but regardless, he’s one talented guy. He’s worked in publishing houses, at Ford Aerospace and he’s even spent time at LucasArts Entertainment. Carman’s illustrations are unlike those […]

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