Nordic animals are the subjects of this wacky totem pole illustration by Niark1

Niark1’s Insane Art will Make You Lose Your Mind

Crazy Frenchman Sebastien Feraut (aka Niark1) creates cheerfully mad paintings, illustrations and graffiti murals in his signature style. He uses geometric designs, cartoonish characters, text and psychedelic patterns to build each of his designs. The result is a mind-blowing mash-up of images that the artist has somehow managed to render in a legible form. Monsters […]

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Cult horror film Little Shop of Horrors inspired this comic painting by graffiti and fine artist Scribe

Stories become Paintings Thanks to US Graffiti Artist Scribe

“Scribe” is the nick of American artist Donald Ross who has put his dynamic talents to use creating graffiti wall murals, children’s book illustrations and fine art paintings. He chose the nick Scribe because he incorporates folk tales, fantasy parables and biblical references in his artworks, turning these stories into visual works of art. Scribe brings […]

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The finished painting by Marcel Witte that shows a powerful lion showing mercy to an innocent lamb

This Gracious Painting Looks Just Like a Photograph

Dutch artist Marcel Witte specializes in photorealistic paintings of personified animals. This video shows the making of one of his paintings, called “Gracious”, in which a lion gently carries a baby lamb with unexpected tenderness and gentleness. Like all of Marcel Witte’s paintings, he has included a human element in the scene. In Gracious, the […]

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Real Life Baby Dragon Bat

Lil’ Drac was rescued after his mother abandoned him due to the stress caused by their home disappearing – the zoo where they’d once lived closed. This fun video shows the little bat’s personality emerging as he grows up under the care of volunteers at the Bat World Sanctuary. You can learn more about Lil’ […]

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Character sculpture or monster doll, either way this fantasy science fiction sculpture by Andrey Drozdov inspires the imagination

Russian Sculptor Gives Life to Steampunk Aliens

Andrey Drozdov is an artist from Russia who creates alienish character sculptures. Each of his sculptures is packed with personality and visual appeal. There is no lack of texture, form or character in his pieces. This makes his artistic sculptures appealing to art collectors from a wide age group and from many different backgrounds. Some […]

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The Science of Happiness: Forgiveness

SoulPancake explores the effects that forgiving others has on a person’s level of happiness. Check out more videos on the Science of Happiness or read this study to find out more. Feel like a cheer up? Watch A Capella Road Trip and Boobies and Kittens to catch that smile.

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Vampire horror bunny must havee gotten hungry just before Halloween in this creepy but cute illustration by Bill Carman

Spooky but Sweet Illustrations by Bill Carman

Bill Carman is an American artist who was apparently born with a banana shaped head. Whether or not this fact added to his artistic talents remains to be seen, but regardless, he’s one talented guy. He’s worked in publishing houses, at Ford Aerospace and he’s even spent time at LucasArts Entertainment. Carman’s illustrations are unlike those […]

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