You’re gonna LOVE what this Woman does to this Piece of Paper

In this speed painting video, Swedish artist Maria Björnbom Öberg shows us her exceptional skill with drawing. The stationery she’s using are copic markers, Holbein colour pencils and Faber Castell Polychromos to add color to the design, and a white gel pen to add sparkles and highlights. This incredible hand drawn illustration features a beautiful […]

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Tattoo Video: Watch an Owl Fly Out of this Guy’s Chest

Ukrainian tattoo artist Dmitriy Samohin is an enormously talented tattooer who has made a name for himself with his realistic tattoos. He tattoos life-like portraits of people and animals in an artistic way; creating body art that is a beautiful blend of photo realism and artistic styling. There are few tattooers out there who can match […]

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Have a Giggle with Japanese Comedians “Gamarjobat”

Gamarjobat is a comedy duo from Japan who specialize in visual comedy and simple optical illusions. As Jason Mansford (the host of Comedy Rocks) says, their humor is based on “dad jokes”, the kind of got-your-nose silliness that fathers perform to entertain their children. Unlike dads everywhere, however, Gamarjobat has managed to put together a […]

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Nordic animals are the subjects of this wacky totem pole illustration by Niark1

Niark1’s Insane Art will Make You Lose Your Mind

Crazy Frenchman Sebastien Feraut (aka Niark1) creates cheerfully mad paintings, illustrations and graffiti murals in his signature style. He uses geometric designs, cartoonish characters, text and psychedelic patterns to build each of his designs. The result is a mind-blowing mash-up of images that the artist has somehow managed to render in a legible form. Monsters […]

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Cult horror film Little Shop of Horrors inspired this comic painting by graffiti and fine artist Scribe

Stories become Paintings Thanks to US Graffiti Artist Scribe

“Scribe” is the nick of American artist Donald Ross who has put his dynamic talents to use creating graffiti wall murals, children’s book illustrations and fine art paintings. He chose the nick Scribe because he incorporates folk tales, fantasy parables and biblical references in his artworks, turning these stories into visual works of art. Scribe brings […]

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A smoker offers a cigarette to a friendly dragon in this fantasy Photoshop painting by Dan Kitchener

Dan Kitchener’s Photoshop Art isn’t your Ordinary Comic Book Stuff

UK artist Dan Kitchener has developed his own art style. He begins by designing a scene in his sketchbook and then turns to his computer to create a digital painting in Photoshop. The result is a combination of classic comic book art styles and art software styles, a fusion that creates a densely saturated image, unlike […]

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The finished painting by Marcel Witte that shows a powerful lion showing mercy to an innocent lamb

This Gracious Painting Looks Just Like a Photograph

Dutch artist Marcel Witte specializes in photorealistic paintings of personified animals. This video shows the making of one of his paintings, called “Gracious”, in which a lion gently carries a baby lamb with unexpected tenderness and gentleness. Like all of Marcel Witte’s paintings, he has included a human element in the scene. In Gracious, the […]

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