Genius Kiwi Dude Grows Ketchup and Fries on ONE Plant

Kalem Berntsen takes us through his entire process of planting seed potatoes and tomatoes before combining the two separate plants into one plant with a gardening technique known as grafting, after which he harvests both the tomatoes and potatoes and cooks them up to make home-grown, home-cooked chips ‘n sauce; the New Zealanders’ name for […]

Mayhem & Muse
Puppeteer Heath McIvor has his character Randy Feltface lean forward and make eye contact with the audience to build a sense of intimacy and then empathy with the crowd.

Randy Buys a Bookshelf off Gumtree

Randy Feltface is a comedy puppet created by Heath McIvor, an Australian comedian whose puppet skills have been put to use in Me and My Monsters, The Hobbit movie and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film. The masterful puppeteer McIvor started his career in puppetry at the tender age of 13 years old, but has honed […]

Mayhem & Muse