Funny Animation shows how a Shopping Trip can go Wrong

Birdbox Studios brings the world another funny animated short film with “Carpark”. This humorous look at the psychology of your average Joe and the relationship between humans and dogs has the same understated humor that Birdbox revealed in “Wildebeest“. For more funny animations by this studio, visit the Birdbox website.

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Watch Brazilian Graffiti Art being Born

Graffiti artists Galo (aka MakeOne) and Ignoto collaborate, turning a blank wall somewhere in Brazil into a street art canvas. The two artists combine their different styles in this graffiti piece to create an artwork that shows the contrast between the two artists’ imaginations and styles. While Galo tends to use bold outlines filled with […]

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Famous fan art by Vlad Rodriguez of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Fantastic Fan Art by Vlad Rodriguez

Vlad Rodriguez is a Peruvian artist based in Miami, USA who is widely renowned for his high quality fan art and movie posters. His style is a combination of digital art, illustration and painting; a combination which blends traditional art techniques with modern technology. He expresses his own opinions of his subjects through the direction […]

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