Famous fan art by Vlad Rodriguez of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Fantastic Fan Art by Vlad Rodriguez

Vlad Rodriguez is a Peruvian artist based in Miami, USA who is widely renowned for his high quality fan art and movie posters. His style is a combination of digital art, illustration and painting; a combination which blends traditional art techniques with modern technology. He expresses his own opinions of his subjects through the direction […]

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The Science of Heartbreak

ASAP Science explains the science behind emotional pain and its similarity to physical pain. Interestingly, the same region of the brain is stimulated by both physical and emotional pain, and in this video, ASAP Science explores why this is. Watch more whiteboard animation and science and psychology videos by ASAP Science on their Youtube channel. […]

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A red fox is torn to pieces and dissected in this macabre cartoon illustration that has become a wall mural

Nychos Dissects Life and Death with Wacky Illustrations

Nychos is an Austrian artist, illustrator and street artist who was born and raised in a little Austrian village near Graz by a family of hunters. Introduced to hunting at a young age, Nychos saw death first hand and became fascinated with the processes of skinning and butchering animals. Anatomy and the delicate line between […]

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Graffiti art team 140 Ideas balance a rabbit, flamingo, chameleon, walrus and an elephant on a bee

Graffiti Team 140 Ideas Illustrates Life on City Streets

140 Ideas is a graffiti team made up of four Bulgarian street artists; Yeto, Teleto, Jermain and Flak. The four artists, whose styles are distinctly different from each others’, decided to collaborate and merge their artistic talents to create collage-style graffiti and street art murals. The group now travels together, creating art for graffiti competitions, […]

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What Happens when a Badass Motherf*cker gets a GoPro?

GoPro is producing small, quality cameras that allow extreme sports athletes and performers to strap the camera to their head and give viewers a first-person point of view of their activities. While most popular GoPro videos showcase the extreme antics of skaters, surfers and other extreme sports athletes, director Ilya Naishuller decided to put the camera […]

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A bear wearing a hat rides a bicycle in this antique styled illustration by Eric Fan

Eric Fan’s Illustrations give Life to a Surrealist, Steampunk Society

Eric Fan is an artist and illustrator from Toronto, Canada, who specializes in apparel design. His illustrations have found a place on cell phone covers, t-shirts and tote bags through websites such as Society6 and Threadless. Eric Fan’s art work combines steampunk and fantasy imagery with antiquated illustration styles, resulting in illustrations that combine modern ideas […]

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