Adult and child versions of Chino Otsuka appear together in this unusual and intriguing art work

Chino Otsuka Photoshops Her Adult Self into Her Childhood Photos

Born in Japan, Chino Otsuka spent her childhood travelling around the world and has the photographs to prove it. As an art project, Otsuka photoshopped her adult self into those childhood photos, often returning to the place where the original photograph was taken in order to give the resulting art work a genuine feel. Otsuka’s […]

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Slow Motion Video of Snowflakes being Born

Physicist Ken Libbrecht has done something pretty incredible – he’s found a way to create snowflakes in his lab. Using  a microscope, Libbrecht was able to take macro photographs of his snowflakes that reveal the intricate beauty of the tiny ice crystals. Each snowflake resembles a six-sided flower and is symmetrical (each half mirrors the other […]

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A red scorpion poses in the foreground of this foodscape, an artwork made out of food, by Chris Warner

Food Artist Carl Warner Wins at Playing with his Food

London-based artist Carl Warner doesn’t just push food around his plate to make smiley faces or animal silhouettes. He’s taken playing with food to an entirely different level by creating fantastically detailed landscapes out of edible parts. He calls these edible sculptures “foodscapes” and so far they have been immensely popular with both foodies and […]

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