Watch the Funny Aug(de)mented Reality of Hombre McSteez

Hombre Mcsteez uses transparent animation cels to add his quirky and humorous animated characters into real world situations. His little monsters and cute creatures interact with the environment that is seen behind them, through the transparent cel. Mcsteez uses a method of animation known as stop frame or stop motion animation. The way that he’s […]

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A boy eating crayons draws an imaginative scenario around himself in this surreal illustration by James Jean

Tripping on Talent: The Psychedelic Art of James Jean

James Jean is a Taiwanese American artist who produces art both commercially and for gallery exhibitions. His psychedelic scenes have been featured on the covers of DC comics and on album covers for Atlantic Records. He’s also worked with the famous clothing design company Prada as well as Rolling Stone magazine and Playboy magazine. Jean’s […]

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Whooaaa! The Funny Magic of Bie The Ska

Magician and entertainer Bie The Ska performs a number of impossible tricks in this quirky home video. Though he doesn’t speak English, Bie’s acting skills are so good that you don’t need to know what he’s saying. You can visit his Youtube channel for more entertaining videos.

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