A red scorpion poses in the foreground of this foodscape, an artwork made out of food, by Chris Warner

Food Artist Carl Warner Wins at Playing with his Food

London-based artist Carl Warner doesn’t just push food around his plate to make smiley faces or animal silhouettes. He’s taken playing with food to an entirely different level by creating fantastically detailed landscapes out of edible parts. He calls these edible sculptures “foodscapes” and so far they have been immensely popular with both foodies and […]

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Have you got a Dirty Mind?

Brazilian cartoon artist Mauricio Ricardo creates a cheeky visual illusion in this funny speed ¬†drawing video. While the finished result of his efforts are innocent cartoon people and animals, Ricardo’s first few lines on the page bear a humorous resemblance to various parts of human anatomy.

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A koala bear poses with a woman in lingerie in this risque watercolor painting by Lora Zombie

Watercolor Grunge and Cheerful Anarchy by Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is a self-taught artist from Russia who works chiefly in watercolor paint and pencil. Her paintings are colorful and fun with an essence of punk and grunge. Her paintings depict a carefree existence in which her characters live without compromise and without sweating the small stuff. Her cheerful paintings have earned her quite […]

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Batkid will save your Faith in Humanity

On Friday 15 November, 2013, five year old cancer survivor Miles got to live his dream, thanks to the efforts of the Make a Wish foundation and thousands of San Franciscans. Miles got to be Batkid for the day and played sidekick to his hero, Batman, who drove Miles from one daring adventure to the […]

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