Watch the Funny Aug(de)mented Reality of Hombre McSteez

Watch the Funny Aug(de)mented Reality of Hombre McSteez

Hombre Mcsteez uses transparent animation cels to add his quirky and humorous animated characters into real world situations. His little monsters and cute creatures interact with the environment that is seen behind them, through the transparent cel. Mcsteez uses a method of animation known as stop frame or stop motion animation. The way that he’s […]

A boy eating crayons draws an imaginative scenario around himself in this surreal illustration by James Jean

Tripping on Talent: The Psychedelic Art of James Jean

James Jean is a Taiwanese American artist who produces art both commercially and for gallery exhibitions. His psychedelic scenes have been featured on the covers of DC comics and on album covers for Atlantic Records. He’s also worked with the famous clothing design company Prada as well as Rolling Stone magazine and Playboy magazine. Jean’s […]

Whooaaa! The Funny Magic of Bie The Ska

Whooaaa! The Funny Magic of Bie The Ska

Magician and entertainer Bie The Ska performs a number of impossible tricks in this quirky home video. Though he doesn’t speak English, Bie’s acting skills are so good that you don’t need to know what he’s saying. You can visit his Youtube channel for more entertaining videos.

X-Men Kitties!

X-Men Kitties!

A breakfast-eating dude is in for a surprise when he doesn’t feed his kittens when commanded. Puny human gets what’s coming to him.

Even when not viewed as an engineering design, CHarles Dellschau's drawings have an aesthetic appeal

Beautiful Drawings by an Unknown Butcher who Dreamed of Flight

Charles Dellschau was an American butcher who lived between 1830 and 1923. He was a part of the Sonora Aero Club, a group of men that met to discuss and design flying machines. According to his diaries one of the members of this seceret society had discovered the formula for an anti-gravity fuel he called “NB […]

Louie Schwartzberg Reveals the Magic of Mushrooms in his Time Lapse Film

Louie Schwartzberg Reveals the Magic of Mushrooms in his Time Lapse Film

Time-lapse cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg aims his cameras at the mysterious, often-overlooked world of fungi. The kingdom of fungi is separate from the kingdoms of animals and plants, evolving on a seperate path over millions of years. Many forms of fungi, including yeasts and moulds, often live unseen and unregarded, while their more visible cousins, the […]

An octopus suckers this guy into wearing it as a mask in this pottery sculpture by Michael Grafton

The Funny but Functional Fantasy World of Potter Mitchell Grafton

Panama City artist Mitchell Grafton throws convention down the drain when he creates his clay sculptures. Unlike many pottery artists, who focus either on function or form, Grafton combines the two to create highly imaginative yet functional art works. His specialises in what he calls “face jugs”; artistic and often humorous jugs that can either […]

Birds on the wire

Birds on Electric Wires turn into a Hauntingly Sweet Melody

When musician and artist Jarbas Agnelli saw a photograph of birds sitting on electric wires, he decided to make a song. The melody for the song was created by using the birds’ positions on the wires as music notes. The result was a beautiful, emotive melody that seemed to express the essence of the photograph. He […]

Prison inmate and artist creates a visual pun in this humorous psychological self portrait

The Art of Madness: Britain’s Most Dangerous Inmate Paints his Fighting Spirit

Born in 1952, Michael Peterson, aka Charles Bronson, followed a life path of violence and rebellion, leaving in his wake a stream of bruised and abused prison staff, psychiatric workers and fist fighters. Bronson’s aim in life has been to become famous, and he’s used his aggressive personality to become both notorious and infamous. From taking […]

This trippy abstract painting by Arianna Piazza combines nature and anatomy in the form of mushrooms and a human torso

Impossibility meets Reality in Arianna Piazza’s Surreal Paintings

Arianna Piazza is an Italian artist who not only mixes media, she also creates a mix of subject matter and art styles in her paintings. Working in paint and pencil and with either paper or canvas, Piazza’s imagination gives life to a variety of obscure, bizarre and appealing creatures and characters. Piazza’s art style is […]