Sweet Brown – Aint Nobody Got Time Fo Dat Remix

On April seventh, 2012, an apartment building in Oklahoma City, USA, caught fire. Residents quickly evacuated the building and witnesses were interviewed by the media. One of the residential witnesses was Kimberly Wilkins, who gave a boisterous statement to KFOR News Channel 4. Wilkins’ depiction of events was so entertaining that soon the video clip […]

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Albena Vatcheva paints a mythological story in this colorful, iconic art work

Albena Vatcheva Paints a Colorful, Iconic Society

Albena Vatcheva is a European artist currently living in Rouen, France. Albena works with oil paint on canvas, a medium that adds a sense of authenticity and adds to the quality finish of her fine art works. Each painting consists of recognizable living forms in the shape of human or animal subjects. Each character is […]

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Dog and Dolphin are Best Friends

16km off the Northwest coast of Ireland lies the small community of Tory Island. Several years ago, a dolphin was sighted in the harbor, to the delight of tourists and locals alike. One soul who took a special interest in the dolphin was Ben, a resident labrador. Ben the dog would wait for the dolphin […]

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One Man Beach Party in a Sparkly Speedo

Spandy Andy is a performer from Canada who travels the world entertaining people with his live street dancing performances. In this funny video, Spandy Andy wears a sexy sparkly speedo and dances for holiday makers at St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia. The tune is “Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO. Visit Spandy Andy […]

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How Animals Eat Their Food

In this stupid humor video, Mister Epic Mann acts out a human interpretation of how animals eat their food. For more grown adults acting silly, check out Mister Epic Mann’s website which is packed with funny videos. Cardboard boxes were harmed in the making of this film.

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Japanese artist Takeo Takei illustrates a a cute image of animals this art work for Aesops Fables

Antique Japanese Illustrations by Takeo Takei

Takeo Takei was born in Suwa, Japan in 1894. In 1921 the young Takei got married and turned to his art in order to support his family, illustrating a children’s magazine with his stylized, attractive drawings. Throughout the course of his career, Takei produced hundreds of illustrations for magazines, posters and children’s books. This gallery […]

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Mission Impossible Parkour Squirrel

Home owners in England built a maze for a squirrel that frequently visited their garden, adding pieces as the squirrel learned the previous section of the maze. The clever squirrel quickly figured out how to run the maze in order to get to the ultimate prize; a bowl of nuts left out by the property […]

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Philipp Banken creates a human heart with animals and monsters climbing out of it

Detailed Illustrations of Philipp Banken’s Imagination

Philipp Banken is an illustrator and artist from Trier, Germany. His drawings are highly detailed with quality textures that leave enough room for the viewer to imagine the scene alongside the artist. Banken’s illustrations are very imaginative, combining the artist’s own fresh ideas with existing imagery to give an impression of Philipp Banken’s opinions of […]

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