Extreme Ironing, for Domestic Daredevils

Extreme Ironing is a humorous activity that parodies extreme sports. Extreme ironing athletes take an ironing board and iron into remote locations and dangerous urban situations and proceed to iron at great heights or while moving at high speed. Although it isn’t certain how the sport began, it’s believed that an English fellow called Phil […]

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skifcha the cat

Skifcha the Cat, in Stereo

Here’s a super cute kitty showing just how badass super cute kitties can be. Skifcha the dubstep cat has made its way into homes around the world, as a minor meme that caught the attention of cat lovers and internet culture lovers alike. The video was made with clever video editing techniques; mostly quick jump […]

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Jon Gomm’s Percussive Guitar – Passionflower

Jon Gomm is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who first picked up a stringed instrument at the age of two when his parents bought him a ukulele, the only guitar small enough for Jon’s tiny two year old hands. He played guitar throughout his childhood, and went on to study music at The Guitar Institute […]

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